Gutters and Downspouts

JT’s West Coast Gutter has a variety of continuous gutter styles and colors that we manufacture on site. All gutters can be fabricated from a variety of materials including pre-painted steel, aluminum and copper.

K Style Gutter

K-Style Gutter
The K-style gutter is the most economical style of all gutters. It is easy to clean and carries more water than any other style. It is the most attractive gutter system on the market today. K-style gutters are available in 5 and 6 inch, with 6k being used generally for commercial buildings.

Curved Fascia

Fascia Gutter
Our 6″ fascia style gutter looks and works great on homes with steeper roofs. This gutter adds beauty and value to your home without sacrificing workmanship. 


The most common size for downspouts in the 2x3 inch. We also carry a plain square 2x3 inch, corrugated 2x4 inch, plain square 2x4 inch and a corrugated 3 inch round. For heavy drainage areas a 3x4 inch downspout is recommended.


Gutter Covers, Screens and Downspout Cleanouts

We have several different gutter covers and screens available, in addition to cleanouts that catch debris from downspouts. Talk with our estimators to find out which products will work best for your needs.

Gutter Cover

Gutter Covers & Screens
There are several covers and screens available on the market. The product that will work best for your home depends on a number of factors. Our qualified estimators will help you decide which cover or screen will work best.

Downspout Cleanout

Downspout Cleanout
A downspout cleanout fits at the end of a downspout and is used to trap debris flowing down the downspout before it can get into (and clog) the ground drain. JT’s West Coast Gutter custom manufactures these clean-outs to match your downspout color.


Gutter Colors
Our gutter products come in a wide variety of beautifully pre-painted materials to match and enhance your home. Ask our estimator for a sample of the colors available, view the gutter color chart or learn about how to choose the right gutter color for your house.